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Our focus is to help you make an informed decision about the coverage and policy options you have, and to be confident in your level of protection and pleased with the process.

Mandy Lorenz - Licensed Agent

Mandy Lorenz has over 2 decades in client relations experience is a licensed insurance agent who has been in this exciting field since 2019. She is able to provide unmatched costumer service while offering more products to meet her clients' individual needs.

Mandy grew up in the heart of Philadelphia and attended Centenary College in New Jersey, studying criminal phycology. She is a wife and mother of 2 young ladies, Sarah and Olivia. She believes in showing them the importance of hard work and responsibility. Her belief is that if she is successful in the eyes of her daughters then she doing something right.

Outside of being an insurance agent, Mandy enjoys crafting, singing, game nights with friends, and quality time with her family. Most importantly Mandy is a devout Christian who takes her faith in the Lord very seriously. She's a member of New Way Church in Palm Coast and believes in incorporating the Word of God into how she serves our clients here at BIA.


Macy McLain - Licensed Agent 

Macy McLain also has over 2 decades in client relations experience and is a licensed insurance agent. She is dedicated to providing reliable and friendly service she is highly motivated and outgoing. 

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